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Spiritual life is the soul of everything we do here, and each day brings new lessons in what it means to follow Jesus'example. Sometimes we learn these lessons by reading a book about the early church or singing a new worship song, and sometimes we learn them by lending an ear or extra hand to a classmate in need. Simply put, we think spiritual life should engage our head (learning about the Bible and Christian history), heart (attending chapel, joining prayer groups and talking about our faith) and hands (reaching out in service to others) to spark meaningful thought and growth.

We know students come to us with a range of spiritual perspectives and varying depths of relationship with Christ. At CCC, spiritual life is not about being perfect, following a certain doctrine, trying to look like a good Christian or saying you “believe” to be part of the crowd. It's about meeting students where they are, and engaging their head, heart and hands in activities that help them develop a personal, resilient Christian faith that will be with them for the rest of their lives.


As a CCC student, you'll discover opportunities to grow and be empowered in your faith, inside and outside the classroom. You'll connect with Christians of all backgrounds who truly love God and other people . . . whether that's with classmates or professors who open class with prayer and mentor students one-on-one. In addition, you'll develop spiritually with opportunities like these:

CCC Chapel

A fusion of powerful student-led worship and life changing messages by renowned speakers.

Student-led Prayer Movement

Join other students in prayer and worship nearly every day of the week.

Local Outreach

Serve in Cambridge and the surrounding areas by demonstrating the love of Christ in Cambridge to those in need.

Mission Trips

Our students have the opportunity to apply what they are learning in the classroom during a Spring or Summer evangelistic or service-based mission trip, such as a education, medical or business mission trip.

Spiritual Formation

Continue to grow through weekly floor devotions led by Student-Chaplains or check-in anytime with the Office of Student Formation for support, prayer and encouragement.

CCC Prayer Room

Located on campus, the Prayer Room offers set-apart prayer rooms and worship areas for intimate one-on-one time with the Lord.

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