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Cambridge is an incredibly vibrant and sporting city. The college takes advantage of this by placing students in specialist clubs near the school. This gives our students access to high quality training in whatever sport they decide to engage in.

Cornerstone College Cambridge encourages its students to get involved in sporting activities including through joining sports clubs. This is done with the aim of enjoining our students to remain physically active for the rest of their lives

Below is a sample of the sports on offer to students of Cornerstone College Cambridge; if there are any sports or games that are not listed here and either you or your child are interested in please get in touch.


We want victory not only on the scoreboard, but also by bringing glory to God. We want to be competitive but also have perspective; win humbly and lose gracefully; be kind to our opponents as well as our teammates; and maintain a good attitude that reflects positively on ourselves and CCC.

CCC students aren't just taking what they learned in the classroom with them as they go to university and grow into well-rounded adults—they are also taking lessons learnt about endurance, teamwork, and giving your all on the field while continuing to reflect Christ's character.


When you feel your best, you're able to perform your best. Your physical, mental, and spiritual health influences your success — both in and out of the classroom. And because anytime is a great time to develop lifelong habits, CCC is committed to creating a health conscious culture, not only for you, but also for faculty, staff, and members of the surrounding community. Whether through physical exercise, nutrition, medical care, or counseling, at CCC, you'll find ways to be —and feel — your best.

Some of the programs on offer:

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • On-Campus Student Health Center
  • Counseling

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