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About Us

Cornerstone College Cambridge

Founded to educate the whole person – Cornerstone College Cambridge (CCC) promises a world-class academic experience in the historic education city (Cambridge, UK) and the Cambridgeshire campus. We provide an education framed in the context of a vibrant biblical-centred community.
CCC is a vibrant multidenominational and multicultural learning family committed to helping students make the most of their God-given talents. We have carefully designed our programmes to foster lifelong passions for learning, serving others, and providing thoughtful and effective leadership in today’s complex world.
CCC was established to provide world-class education rooted on five key principles to students from all over the world:

  1. Christian Foundation
  2. Academic Rigour
  3. Commitment to Leadership
  4. Links to Industry
  5. Service

Unlimited Possibilities



is to be a leading provider of world class pre-university and university level qualification(s) for access into the leading universities in the UK and across the world.
...That every student who passes through the college will discover their purpose and fulfil their mission here on earth..


The purpose of Cornerstone College Cambridge is to provide a world-class and Christian education founded upon and informed by a biblical worldview, that equips students to become leaders- we are educating the leaders of tomorrow TODAY… leaders that are not just academically sound but sound; spiritually, socially, ethically and in their character. Leaders who will make their mark, in their chosen fields and areas of specialism as they live purposefully and intelligently in the service of God and man.

Our Staff

Cornerstone College Cambridge is composed of a team of professional and caring teaching staff as well as a management team. The teachers are well qualified academically and professionally, and bring to the college subject expertise and years of experience in the education sector.
The student body is a diverse community drawn from all corners of the globe. The teachers and staff at Cornerstone College Cambridge strive to impact on students in such a way that will leave a legacy in their minds and, more importantly, in their hearts. As students look back after their stay, it is hoped that they will have no doubt that Cornerstone College Cambridge affected their lives positively and constructively

Word From

Principal/Chief Executive Officer - Mr Alan Scott

The case for Christian education is more compelling today than at any other time in history. Our current popular culture suggests that you cannot be both well-educated and Christian. We do not subscribe to that point of view. The mission of Cornerstone is to provide an education that is Christ-centred and academically sound, one that prepares the student for his/her life’s purpose.
Cornerstone is committed to developing Christ-like character in our students, inviting them to climb higher, both spiritually and academically. We recognise that each student comes to us with unique talents. Cornerstone provides an environment that allows those gits to emerge and flourish. Students come to us ready to learn; it is our goal that they leave us equipped to serve.
Although we started our educational journey as a sixth form college our objective is to offer pre-university and higher education level courses in the near future. Our classes are small and we also incorporate the Leadership Development Course / Honourable Character system to provide an environment conducive to learning. We believe that these factors contribute significantly to our students’ eventual high academic performance.
If Cornerstone values resonate with those of your family, I invite you to discover more by contacting our admissions team today or you can also schedule a visit to visit the college. Most importantly, I urge you to seek the Lord’s direction and pray whether Cornerstone is right for your family. May God give His wisdom as you make this important decision.

From the heart,
Principal/ CEO
Mr Alan Scott.

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